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  2. Gabriele och Frieder Dornseifer

    Dear organizer of Värmskogfiber,

    First of all thanks for the continuous update about the fiber net activities.
    As member I have now the following question:

    We have a ”Fritidshus” in Degerbyn 128 (1:109).
    What I understood up to know is, the network will be installed up to the private property.
    The digging on the property will be in hand of the owner.

    1.For what are now the 20.000 SK?
    Do they only cover the main network or is the cable and connection on the property included?

    2.Do I have to sign a contract with a provider or is it also possible not to use the network at present without any additional cost?

    3. Until when do we have to settle the payment of the 20.000SK for the cable connection, because up to now I couldn’t find the schedule mentioning our area for digging?

    4. What additional cost will appear, monthly / yearly?

    Looking forward hearing from you soon.

    Wishing you all the best and good luck for executing the project.

    Manga helsninger

    Frieder och Gabriele

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